Field hockey equipment

Field Hockey Equipment

Field hockey is an old sport team played on a rectangular field. Players use a wooden stick to hit a ball to the goalkeeper in a goal that is 7 feet high, 12 feet wide and 4 meters deep. Today field hockey is played in 132 countries and is an Olympic sport.


Despite being popular in Europe for thousands of years, field hockey has only been played in the United States since 1901 and has become popular in women’s schools and universities across the country. The United States of America Field Hockey Association was founded in 1922 to promote the sport. Men began to practice the sport in the United States in 1928 Since there is little opportunity in the United States for boys to participate in the sport, which is played mainly by women.


Field hockey is played on a grass or on the synthetic grass field, which measures 100 meters by 60 meters. A semicircle of 16 meters in diameter is drawn around the goal at each end. Each team consists of 10 players and a goalkeeper. Players use sticks to advance a ball into the opponent’s goal. While players are only allowed to advance the ball with their sticks, the goalkeeper can use any part of his body to block the ball.


Originally a leather-covered cricket ball was used in field hockey. Today the ball is usually made of white plastic. Some field hockey balls are dimples like golf balls. They weigh about 5 ½ ounces and are about 9 inches in circumference. A correctly hitting hockey ball can reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour.


Most of the field hockey sticks today are made of wood and can be reinforced with fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon or dyneema. They are usually 36-38 inches long and have a flat impact surface. The back of the necklace is rounded and cannot be used to hit the ball. The head of the stick is curved and can be one of several different shapes.

Individual protection equipment

The only protective equipment used by the 10 players are shin guards and mouth guards. However, goalkeepers require more protective gear. They wear pads on their legs and protective boots called kickers. Padded gloves are used because the goalkeeper can block the ball with his hand. Helmets with masks protect the goalkeeper’s head from the hard ball, and chest protectors can also be used.

Injury Prevention

Most injuries in field hockey occur after being hit by the bat or ball. Always wear shin guards and good quality mouth guards when practicing or playing. In addition to these injuries, common strain can also occur. Properly stretch and warm-up before playing field hockey. Taping or bracing ankles can also help prevent these injuries.